The Enuma Legacies Series


AetherBlood: Book 3

A killer. A dead Elemental. A hunt. Just when you thought your life was back to normal...

Ruby Black’s life is about to take a turn for the worse. The center is buzzing with activity and the young Elemental leader is struggling to balance her duties as an AetherBorn while keeping some normality in her life. It doesn’t help that Elementals are being killed all over the country and right under their noses. 

As the body count grows, Ruby and the Elementals follow clues to track down the killer before he strikes again. But no matter what they do, they are always one step behind.  

Can Ruby and her team find the assailant before another innocent Elemental loses their life? Or will she follow the path of blood all they way to her own doorstep?

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Demas watched the boy’s body wriggle and twist, trying to escape from the grasp of the smoke that threatened to crush his lungs. Tears streaked his face in dirty lines that might have resembled war paint if they weren’t so pathetic. He twirled a black curl around his finger before looking away. “How much longer is this going to take?”

      “What’s wrong?” His sister asked, “Not having fun anymore?” The boy crying louder as her fingers danced.

      “If you keep this up, he’ll wake up the whole neighborhood.”

      “This was your plan, brother. Don’t blame me for trying to bring some joy into our lives while we work.” She grinned, “What is it the humans say? If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life?”

Another grin as she straightened her fingers allowing the boy to take a gulp of air. His eyes watered and he clasped at his throat as if he was trying to decide between screaming and breathing. His mouth opened but before he could let out a sob, she clenched her fist, yanking the air from his lungs.

His knees shook and he beat at his chest, his body drooping over itself with heaving, shallow breaths. She let go and the boy screamed. A desperate cry to no one in particular. His eyes darted around, looking for a way out despite knowing full well that escape was futile.

      “Just hurry up with it already, we have to move on.”

      There was another hand flick, followed by more screaming and then a loud thud. The boy’s body dropped to the ground like an anvil hitting water. His open eyes made Demas groan with disgust. There was really nothing beautiful about these creatures. Nothing poetic. They lived, they died and that was the end of it. How blasé.

      Not having fun anymore, he repeated in his head. He tried to remember the last time he truly had fun. Eirene’s twentieth birthday snapped to mind. He had brought her to a clearing, away from the elders. Covered the entire thing in shadow. Their own private oasis. She was so happy, twirling and singing in the grass. Her eyes never leaving him. That was the last time he remembered smiling, the day that turned into night then into morning again. The day their daughter was conceived.

      He shook the thought away and walked to the boy’s body. “You’re sure it’s done?”

      “Do you really need to ask, brother?”

      “I suppose not.”

      Demas stepped over the body and leaned on the wall in front of him. His hand pressed against the brick as he looked down, patting the stone lightly.

      “Is everything quite alright?” he heard his sister ask from what seemed like miles away.

      Eirene’s face flashed before him. Her smile, eager and innocent, melting away in the darkness of the night. He straightened his back, twirling back to face his sister.

      “Everything is splendid. Time to go.”