AetherQueen Signed Hardcover

AetherQueen Signed Hardcover


What makes for a good queen? Ruby Black is about to find out... if she can survive what’s coming for her.

Ruby Black has come to terms with her AetherBorn lineage, choosing to step up as a leader for the four Elemental houses in order to protect a peace treaty she, herself, created. Despite trying to balance her relationship with her boyfriend Liam and her responsibilities at the Elemental center, she’s handling things quite well. That is until another piece of the Sword of Enuma goes missing right under their noses.

With the pressures of protecting the sword weighing her down, Ruby must solve the mystery of the missing sword pieces before it is too late but there are too many unanswered questions standing in her way.

What are the strange symbols that appear after every theft and why does she feel such a strong connection to them? And who is that odd girl with purple hair that she keeps running into?

In the next instalment of the Enuma Legacies series, Ruby must become the queen that she is expected to be without succumbing to each one of her dark thoughts and losing herself in the process.

It isn’t easy to be an AetherQueen.

  • Each signed copy comes with a free Enuma legacies Bookmark and set of Collectible Character Cards

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