AetherBorn Signed Hardcover

AetherBorn Signed Hardcover


There is a world of deities living among us. What would you do if you were the only one who could see them?

Ruby Black, a photography student at Westerlake University, seems to have the typical life of an awkward college kid. She has average grades, does not make friends easily and is secretly in love with her best friend. Ruby is content with her place in the world. In fact, she quite likes it. That is until a simple incident on a packed, rush-hour subway train shatters her entire reality.

Reluctantly, Ruby finds herself in the middle of a war that has been brewing for centuries. A battle between powerful beings that have been living in secret under Ruby’s nose this entire time.

Will Ruby go back to her familiar lifestyle or will she choose the brooding stranger that opens her eyes to a world far more mysterious than she's ever imagined? A world where her own powers are far greater than she could have known to be true.

  • Each signed copy comes with a free AetherBorn Bookmark and set of Collectible Character Cards

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