AetherBorn, book #1

A young photography student at Westerlake University accidentally stumbles upon an underground world of Elemental demigods where she must learn to harness her own newly found abilities in order to end a war between the four Elemental houses.

AetherQueen cover FINAL.jpg

AetherQueen, book #2

Ruby Black, the reigning AetherBorn of the Elemental houses of Westerlake has been chosen to protect the peace treaty at all costs. With pieces of the Sword of Enuma turning up missing from right under everyone’s noses, Ruby must find the thief before another war rips apart everything she has worked hard to create.

AetherBlood, book #3

A young leader of an Elemental faction and her charges are on a mission to track down Demas, a primordial deity, before he kills another innocent. With the body count growing, they must get one step ahead of the murders before the danger reaches their doorstep.